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School and youth trips

SamenwerkingMany students of high schools and youth groups have found their way to the ship "De Samenwerking" in its home port at the little city of Stavoren. They have made many different voyages and each group of students has a totally different story regarding their trip. Especially for youngsters a sailing trip is worth considering. Encounters with the natural elements of water and wind give the youngsters an opportunity to discover their personal strengths, as well as their limits."De Samenwerking" offers housing for 32 persons. On the floor plan you can see the layout of the cabins. There are two single rooms, often used by the teachers.

The ship offers space for 32 people to have dinner together. The kitchen has 2 refrigerators, an oven and a large stove. We also supply a wide range of kitchen tools. There are 3 toilets and 2 showers in operation. However, considering our environment and our limited capacity for fresh and waste water storage, we advise you to use the on-shore showers which are facilitated in most of the harbour that we visit. Almost all sailing activities will occur during daytime, supervised by our staff. The members of your staff can take it easy, as long as  the students show initiative with the work to be done. Of course we are always pleased with teachers or staff giving the right example. The free time for the students at later hours however will provide the staff with more than enough excitement.

The weather in Holland can vary. In cases of a strong wind the staff can order the entire crew to wear life vests. We will choose an alternative route or decide not sail out at all in case of extreme fog and wind speeds exceeding 7 Beaufort. There’s a radio and cd player at your disposal although we cannot allow loud music during harbour time. Rules in every harbour tell us that there will be no noise pollution after 10 PM. The teachers and staff are responsible for this rule to be obeyed. Quite regularly there will be other youngsters and groups travelling by boat and they will reside in the same harbour. Mostly such groups meet and the informal, sometimes rowdy atmosphere can lead to wonderful new friendships. It's the responsibility of the teachers and group leaders to make sure that under all circumstances these encounters will stay friendly.

For a successful stay on board it is required for the teachers to keep in touch with the crew so both crew and teachers can support each other in their tasks. This way, everyone involved will benefit from true "Samenwerking" (collaboration).

Family trips

SamenwerkingFor a sailing journey with family or several families together you will find the right place on "De Samenwerking". Several families have meanwhile made these annual sailing trips into a tradition.

It doesn’t matter what age your group is, the ship offers adventures for everyone. The staff on board will make the ship a home for young and old. It is their task to try to fit the work to age, interest and capacities of the participants on board. Those who decide not to participate in the game of water and wind can safely sit back and just watch what happens. The staff will keep an eye on the events at all time. Between the periods of hard work there will be more than enough time for meals and chatting.

Below deck you will find games to play. There also is the possibility to take a nap or to just take some time for yourself. The length of the journeys can be adjusted in duration to the abilities of the group travelling. Each day there will be another harbour to visit. The route and harbours to be visited can be discussed with the staff. Also longer or shorter days of sailing can be discussed with the crew. You can always tell us your wishes. On the other hand you can just let yourself be surprised by what each day has to offer. In most places with harbours there will be things to discover.

You will find museums, stores, also for the daily errands, or other attractions. We have information available for you about lots of places. Children younger than 12 year will be obliged to wear a life vest at all times. These will be adjusted to their length and weight. If you let us know your requirements in time, we can take appropriate measures to make sure we got fitting vests for everyone.


Do you want to sail "De Samenwerking" for just a weekend?
A weekend on the ship begins with embarking on Friday at 8 pm. You can just relax and rest from the journey you made to come on board the ship. There won’t be any sailing until Saturday. We suggest you make sure that all you want, like food and drinks is on board on Friday, so we can leave early on Saturday morning. This to make the most out of the day and to make sure we arrive at our destination on time. In a weekend it is very well possible to sail big distances, so there is a wide choice of places to go and spend the night. On Saturdays most stores close at 5 pm, and some already close at 4 pm. On Sunday morning we will depart to make the journey back home. We aim to be back between 4 and 5 pm in the harbour of Stavoren.